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Pentagonal roses

Origami blooming rose Naomiki Sato Origami blooming roses Naomiki Sato

Blooming rose, blossoms: 20 x 20 cm square cut to a pentagon, leaf: triangle, various sizes. Blossom, calyx, stem, and leaves are glued together.

Origami old Rose with stem and leaves Naomiki Sato Origami old roses Naomiki Sato

Old rose, 20 x 20 cm square cut to a regular pentagon. This rose has inward bent petals and a center that differs from the other roses.

Origami old rose Naomiki Sato Origami old rose Naomiki Sato

All roses, calyxes, and leaves are designed by Naomiki Sato. The blossoms are folded from regular pentagons, and not from square sheets, like most origami models. These roses use the same twist as the Kawasaki rose. Folding and shaping can be a bit challenging. The pentagonal shape makes them look even more like real roses since they also have five petals. I made the stems in the second and third picture by rolling a sheet of paper. The leaves are glued on with strips of green origami paper and glue, imitating colored tape. Folding one of these roses took me more than an hour.