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Origami lily blue

The origami lily is a great model for ambitious beginners. It is certainly not the easiest, but looks pretty impressive. The diagrams introduce some more complicated folding techniques that are quite common in many origami models, but they should still be understandable. The lily also is suited as a nice little gift.

Folding instructions with diagrams below. A brief explanation of frequently occurring symbols can be found on the home page, section Folding technique and diagrams. Alternatively, you can also download the PDF version of the folding instructions.

Folding instructions: Diagrams

Diagram 1
Fold and unfold the paper alongside the diagonals.
Diagram 2
Flip the paper, then fold the paper in half and unfold.
Diagram 3
Fold along the dotted lines and direct the corners to the top. The result is shown in step 4.
Diagram 4
Fold the topmost layer to the middle, as shown in the diagram, then unfold.
Diagram 5
Open the flap from the inside and squash towards the right.
Diagram 6
Fold to the left.
Diagram 7
Repeat steps 5 and 6 on the right. Then, turn the paper around and repeat steps 4 to 6 on the back. The result should look like the figure in step 8.
Diagram 8
Fold and unfold in the middle horizontally.
Diagram 9
Open the top flap (only the topmost layer) and direct the tip to the bottom (horizontal valley fold). Flatten along the dotted lines.
Diagram 10
Fold one layer to the left.
Diagram 11
Now repeat steps 9 and 10 three times. The result should look like the figure in step 12.
Diagram 12
Fold all four flaps up along the marked line.
Diagram 13
Fold towards the center along the dashed lines, then repeat three times (flip side and between the layers).
Diagram 14
Fold the four flaps down to adjust the petals.
Diagram 15
The finished lily
Diagram 16
You can bend the petals using a pen to achieve a different look.