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Origami Sampan boat Hangzhou lake with boats

A sampan is a wooden boat traditionally used in China as a fishing boat or for housing.

In fact, this traditional origami boat more closely resembles a very special Chinese boat called 乌篷船 (wūpéngchuán), a rowing boat with black canopies. This boat can be found in precisely this shape, with two separated sun canopies, one in the front and one in the back. The origami model tries to imitate these distinctive canopies.

Furthermore, this origami boat floats.

Link for PDF download: Origami sampan folding instructions PDF

Folding instructions: Diagrams

Diagram 1
Fold the paper along the diagonals, then unfold.
Diagram 2
Fold all four corners to the center, then unfold everything.
Diagram 3
Fold all four corners to the marked intersections.
Diagram 4
Fold alongside the dashed lines. These folds have already been made in step two. Then, turn the paper upside down.
Diagram 5
Fold the upper and lower edge to the center.
Diagram 6
Fold the corners to the centerline.
Diagram 7
Fold along the dashed lines. The layers will overlap in the middle.
Diagram 8
Make the horizontal folds shown in the picture, bringing the top and bottom tip to the centerline.
Diagram 9
Pull the boat open from the center. Then, reverse the folds alongside the outer edge by turning the boat inside out (be careful not to tear the paper). The images show the process step by step. Finally, turn the model upside down, and the boat is almost done.
Diagram 10
Pull the flaps up to shape the canopies.
Diagram 11
The finished sampan boat
Diagram 12
The boat floats on the water.