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Three origami gorillas

Download link: Origami Gorilla instruction diagrams PDF

Folding instructions: Diagrams

Gorilla diagram 1
Fold the paper in half vertically and horizontally, then unfold it.
Gorilla diagram 2
Fold all four corners to the center, then turn the paper upside down.
Gorilla diagram 3
Fold all four corners to the center, then, again, turn the paper over.
Gorilla diagram 4
Again, fold the corners to the center, then turn the paper.
Gorilla diagram 5
Pull the bottom opening to the left and right, as shown in the picture, and squash. The result should look like the figure in step 6.
Gorilla diagram 6
Turn the model upside down.
Gorilla diagram 7
Unfold the four corners that have been folded to the center in step 4, then turn the model.
Gorilla diagram 8
Unfold the corners on the left and right, then turn the model.
Gorilla diagram 9
Bring the encircled corner to the center with a valley fold and repeat with the other three corners. Fold along the other marked lines to get the result in step 10. In doing so, you will form the front legs, which should be folded down to get a flat model. Finally, turn the model over.
Gorilla diagram 10
Put a finger at the pointed position and press down while folding along the dotted lines. Fold the model in half vertically. In the top, pull the topmost layer (the head or the gorilla) up and make a vertical mountain fold, also make a valley fold in the second layer directly below. The model won't remain flat but will take a three-dimensional shape.
Gorilla diagram 11
Adjust the legs. The gorilla is done.