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The traditional cicada is a common and simple model that can be folded in just under a minute.
Ideally, you should use one-sided color paper so that you will get a white bar on the back, as shown in the video. The size and thickness of the paper do not matter; 10 x 10 cm should be fair.

Video Timestamps

0:00 Fold along the diagonal
0:04 Fold the corners to the top Fold the left and right corners up to the top corner.
0:14 Fold the wings down Fold the corners down a little bit to shape the wings.
0:24 Fold top corner down below the middle Fold top corner (only the topmost layer) a bit below the middle.
0:29 Fold the top corner down, then flip Fold the top corner down to a little above the middle, then flip the model.
0:36 Fold the edges slightly towards the middle
0:52 The cicada is finished