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Origami human figure ‒ boy and girl

Origami boy and girl Origami human figure

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This figure was one of my first own designs. It can quickly be folded in a few steps from a square sheet of paper. It contains some folds without reference points. A paper of size 10 x 10 cm is best suited. You can explore various ideas, like making a hat (right image), long hair (left image), or whatever you come up with.

Step-by-step instructions with diagrams and explanations are below. If a step seems confusing at first sight, it may help if you pre-crease the instructed folds first. Also, note that the models won't remain flat after steps 6 and 9.

Origami figure folding instructions: Diagrams

Diagram 1
The colored side is facing down. Fold the paper in half vertically and horizontally, then unfold it.
Diagram 2
Fold the Paper along the diagonals, then unfold.
Diagram 3
Fold three of the corners to the center, then rotate the paper by 45 degrees.
Diagram 4
Make a mountain fold along the center line while pushing from the bottom to fold along the creases made in step 1. Valley fold along the angle bisectors.
Diagram 5
Turn the model upside down. Unfold to the left and right and squash at the pointed location. This squash fold has no reference, so make sure the result looks similar to the figure in step 6. The model won't remain flat after performing the folds.
Diagram 6
Perform the mountain and valley fold in the marked area in order to flatten the model.
Diagram 7
Fold the edges on the left and right along the lines between the encircled corners inward. Fold and unfold the top corner.
Diagram 8
Precrease along the drawn lines, then make the folds as instructed. The inclined valley folds shouldn't be prefolded. They will form automatically when making the other folds. After this step, the model is curved inward.
Diagram 9
First, fold the arms to align the edges, then push one finger into the face to make the curved folds. Press between the head and arms to shape the face. Finally, pinch the legs, fold the feet and crease on both sides to shape a three-dimensional figure.
Diagram 10
The human figure (boy) is finished.